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A very ambitious delta 3D printer, the FLSUN Super Racer quickly turns ideas into reality and caters to a wide range of target markets. With a construction volume is 260 x 330 mm, the delta printer includes various smart features such as automatic levelling, a capacitive colour touchscreen and 4 ultra-quiet TMC2209 stepper drivers.

Full metal structure: The Super Racer's sophisticated all-metal design not only offers the 3D printer a premium appearance, but also ensures smooth motion and reduced vibration.

Dual gear extruder: Guarantees more torque, more powerful extrusion, stability, and longevity.

Volcano hotend: To prevent the nozzle from clogging, a Volcano Hotend with a large melting capacity is equipped with two turbo fans and a cooling fan. This allows 3D printing to be more creative and adventurous as you experiment with various nozzle diameters and flow rates.

Heating bed with removable glass plate: To make cleaning, maintenance and dismantling easier, the coated glass plate and the aluminium plate are attached separately. Regardless of whether PLA or ABS is being printed, the heated bed provides a good adhesive effect and can be heated up to 100°C.

Linear rails: The accurate linear guide with a 10 mm belt, high stiffness, and a high-torque, low-noise, quick high-precision stepper motor ensure not only enough power but also accuracy at high printing speed.

3K carbon fibre arm: With a high-strength 3K carbon fibre parallel arm, accuracy of the movements and stability is guaranteed.

Marlin open source software: The self-developed open-source firmware supports the resume printing and filament sensor function.

3.5-inch capacitive colour touchscreen: A 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen that has a revamped user interface and operating logic that is optimized for user habits supports 8 display languages and has a feature for quickly returning to the factory default settings.

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