Revopoint POP 2

Introducing the enhanced and feature-packed POP 2 3D Scanner, which offers improved precision, smoother operation, and enhanced color effects. POP 2 is designed to effortlessly capture high-quality 3D models for a wide range of applications including 3D printing, 3D design, VR/AR 3D modeling, reverse engineering, and precise measurements.

Binocular Micro-Structured Light

Utilizing binocular and Micro-structured light technology, POP 2 employs a unique micro projecting chip to ensure exceptional precision in capturing 3D point cloud data. With this innovative feature, POP 2 achieves an impressive single-frame precision of up to 0.05mm, guaranteeing highly accurate results.

High Precision

Additionally, POP 2 is furnished with an enhanced projector and IR cameras boasting superior resolution. Furthermore, an upgraded high-precision calibration method is implemented to guarantee professional-grade accuracy, reaching a precision level of up to 0.05mm and 3D point cloud data resolution of 0.15mm. These advancements enable POP 2 to capture intricate details and deliver enhanced dimensional precision for your 3D models.

Perfect Scanning Fluency

The hardware enhancements of POP 2 result in a scanning frame rate of up to 10 frames per second. Additionally, it features an embedded 6 Dof Gyroscope, which aids in achieving faster and more precise spatial positioning. This reduces stitching errors, enhances scanning smoothness, and simplifies the scanning process, making it more efficient and expedient. In summary, these improvements enhance the overall operational flow, as well as the stitching of shape, marker points, and color feature point clouds.

Fantastic Color Effect

By utilizing a high-resolution global exposure sensor and achieving hardware-triggered synchronization with the depth camera, POP 2 is capable of directly producing vibrant 3D models suitable for various applications such as 3D animation and color 3D printing. These models can be used seamlessly in AR and VR experiences without the need for additional processing or modifications.

2-In-1 Versatility

Bid farewell to the need for separate handheld and turntable scanning devices, as POP 2 revolutionizes the scanning experience by seamlessly functioning as both. With enhanced precision and exceptional user-friendliness in either mode, POP 2 is the ultimate all-in-one 3D scanner. In summary, this versatile device is the only 3D scanner you'll ever require!

Easy To Carry

Weighing a mere 195g, POP 2 is incredibly lightweight and easily portable. It conveniently includes a dedicated carrying case capable of holding POP 2 along with all its accessories, allowing you to effortlessly take it with you wherever you desire.

Easy To Power

With POP 2, a single USB cable is all that is required to power the scanner, enabling direct connection to a laptop or phone for seamless 3D scanning. This streamlined setup significantly simplifies the user experience. Additionally, POP 2 incorporates power-saving technology, ensuring efficient energy usage. Furthermore, it comes equipped with a 5000mAh Power Bank, allowing for extended scanning sessions with your phone.

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Revopoint POP 2

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