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A very ambitious delta 3D printer, the FLSUN Super Racer quickly turns ideas into reality and caters to a wide range of target markets. With a construction volume is 260 x 330 mm, the delta printer includes various smart features such as automatic levelling, a capacitive colour touchscreen and 4 ultra-quiet TMC2209 stepper drivers.

Full metal structure: The Super Racer's sophisticated all-metal design not only offers the 3D printer a premium appearance, but also ensures smooth motion and reduced vibration.

Dual gear extruder: Guarantees more torque, more powerful extrusion, stability, and longevity.

Volcano hotend: To prevent the nozzle from clogging, a Volcano Hotend with a large melting capacity is equipped with two turbo fans and a cooling fan. This allows 3D printing to be more creative and adventurous as you experiment with various nozzle diameters and flow rates.

Heating bed with removable glass plate: To make cleaning, maintenance and dismantling easier, the coated glass plate and the aluminium plate are attached separately. Regardless of whether PLA or ABS is being printed, the heated bed provides a good adhesive effect and can be heated up to 100°C.

Linear rails: The accurate linear guide with a 10 mm belt, high stiffness, and a high-torque, low-noise, quick high-precision stepper motor ensure not only enough power but also accuracy at high printing speed.

3K carbon fibre arm: With a high-strength 3K carbon fibre parallel arm, accuracy of the movements and stability is guaranteed.

Marlin open source software: The self-developed open-source firmware supports the resume printing and filament sensor function.

3.5-inch capacitive colour touchscreen: A 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen that has a revamped user interface and operating logic that is optimized for user habits supports 8 display languages and has a feature for quickly returning to the factory default settings.

[What is Delta Printer?]

Speed: Delta printers typically move their print heads using three arms connected to motors located at the top of the printer. This design allows for faster and smoother movements compared to Cartesian printers, which often use linear rails and lead screws. As a result, Delta printers can achieve higher printing speeds, making them ideal for printing objects quickly.

Tall Prints: Delta printers have a cylindrical build volume, which means they excel at printing tall objects with relatively small footprints. This is because the print head can reach any point within the cylindrical build volume without being obstructed by a frame. Cartesian printers, on the other hand, may have limitations on the height of objects they can print due to the design of their gantry system.

Minimal Moving Mass: Delta printers typically have a lighter print head assembly compared to Cartesian printers since they don't require heavy motors and belts to move the print bed back and forth. This lower moving mass allows Delta printers to achieve faster accelerations and decelerations, resulting in smoother prints and potentially better print quality, especially for intricate designs and fine details.

Simplicity: Delta printers have fewer moving parts compared to Cartesian printers, which can make them easier to assemble and maintain. The Delta design relies on simple geometric principles, such as trigonometry, to control the movement of the print head, whereas Cartesian printers require precise calibration of multiple axes.

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