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An extremely user-friendly Delta 3D printer, the Flsun V400 features extremely fast printing speeds of up to 400 mm/s. It allows you to produce high-quality 3D prints while cutting down on printing time by more than 70%.

Amazing build volume: With a remarkable print size of 300*300*410 mm³, prints are made with superior quality.

Ultra-rapid printing: Cut your print time by up to 70% with its print speed of up to 400 mm/s

Pre-installed Klipper firmware: The V400 comes with Klipper firmware pre-installed, providing a first-class printing experience and guarantees maximum user-friendliness - even via WiFi!

User-friendly display: With a 7-inch LCD touchscreen, powered by KlipperScreen, handling is made easy & seamless.

Compact direct drive extruder: Rather than using a Bowden extruder, the V400 uses a combined hotend and extruder. The result is an extremely compact, lightweight system that is one of the fastest direct-drive extruders onto the market.

High printing temperatures: You may print at up to 300 °C with the V400's bi-metallic heatbreak.

Dual linear rails: High-quality grooved linear guides provide printing with unmatched steadiness. The lines that result are smoother and more exact, which is obviously visible in the 3D printing quality!

[What is Delta Printer?]

Speed: Delta printers typically move their print heads using three arms connected to motors located at the top of the printer. This design allows for faster and smoother movements compared to Cartesian printers, which often use linear rails and lead screws. As a result, Delta printers can achieve higher printing speeds, making them ideal for printing objects quickly.

Tall Prints: Delta printers have a cylindrical build volume, which means they excel at printing tall objects with relatively small footprints. This is because the print head can reach any point within the cylindrical build volume without being obstructed by a frame. Cartesian printers, on the other hand, may have limitations on the height of objects they can print due to the design of their gantry system.

Minimal Moving Mass: Delta printers typically have a lighter print head assembly compared to Cartesian printers since they don't require heavy motors and belts to move the print bed back and forth. This lower moving mass allows Delta printers to achieve faster accelerations and decelerations, resulting in smoother prints and potentially better print quality, especially for intricate designs and fine details.

Simplicity: Delta printers have fewer moving parts compared to Cartesian printers, which can make them easier to assemble and maintain. The Delta design relies on simple geometric principles, such as trigonometry, to control the movement of the print head, whereas Cartesian printers require precise calibration of multiple axes.

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