Phrozen Cure Mega S

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Discover the Phrozen Cure Mega S, featuring a transparent 360° turntable for uniform curing, dual high-speed fans with 1700 RPM, and an interior light for clear visibility of curing progress. Its adaptable design includes a detachable rack, catering to large models or numerous smaller ones, offering optimal drying and curing versatility.

Machine Size: L39.5 x W47.5 x H48.6 cm
Max Curing Size: Ø35 x 30 cm
Fan RPM: 1700 rotations/min
Curing Time:1–120 min (Recommended time: Maximum 30 minutes/cycle)
Input Voltage: AC100-240V ; 50/60Hz
Machine Weight: 15 kg
Max Power Consumption: 70 W
LED Specification: 405 nm


Dry and Cure Settings: The machine offers options to dry, cure, or dry and cure your models consecutively.
360° Transparent Turntable: It features a transparent turntable that ensures your models are cured evenly from all angles.
Dual High-Speed Fans: The machine is equipped with dual high-speed fans that rotate at 1700 rotations per minute, providing maximum drying power.
Built-In Interior Light: It comes with a built-in interior light, allowing you to easily see the curing state of your models.
Detachable Rack: You can adjust the machine according to your needs, whether it's drying and curing big models or a large number of smaller ones, thanks to the detachable rack.

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