Phrozen Flame Retardant FR940 Resin, 1kg

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Introducing the Phrozen Flame Retardant FR940 Resin: The Ultimate Solution for High-Temperature 3D Printing

This cutting-edge 3D printing resin is engineered to deliver unparalleled flame retardancy and thermal resistance, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications. Boasting a UL 94-0 Blue Card rating, the Phrozen FR940 Resin ensures the safety and practicality of your high-temperature 3D printed parts. With a density of 1.14 g/cm³, a viscosity range of 180-285 cP, and a surface hardness of 75-80 Shore D, this resin provides exceptional mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy, allowing you to create robust, high-performance components for automotive, aerospace, and other demanding industries. Whether you're manufacturing critical parts or prototyping innovative designs, the Phrozen Flame Retardant FR940 Resin is the reliable, high-quality solution you can trust to meet the most stringent safety and performance requirements. 

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