Phrozen LCD 7.1″ – Sonic Mini 8K S

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Phrozen's cutting-edge LCD 3D printers are revolutionizing the world of additive manufacturing. Boasting industry-leading resolutions, these machines push the boundaries of what's possible in desktop 3D printing. The Sonic Mini 8K, for instance, features an astounding 22-micron layer height and an impressive 1152 PPI, surpassing the capabilities of many consumer electronics. With a large 7.1-inch build plate and an 18cm Z-axis, this printer empowers you to bring your most intricate and ambitious projects to life with unparalleled detail and precision. Across Phrozen's LCD lineup, you'll find a range of models tailored to suit diverse needs, from the compact Sonic Mini to the expansive Sonic Mega 8K S with its massive 15-inch build volume.

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