Phrozen Neon Resin, 1kg

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Color: Neon Lime

Inspired by the captivating glow of neon lights, Phrozen's Neon Resin series offers a range of bright, eye-catching colors to elevate your 3D printing projects. Available in four stunning shades - Neon-Pumpkin, Neon-Lime, Neon-Lemon, and Neon Peach - this resin provides exceptional detail and accuracy, making it perfect for creating detailed lithophanes, miniatures, and other intricate models. Suitable for both beginners and seasoned 3D printing enthusiasts, the Phrozen Neon Resin delivers a user-friendly experience with its low viscosity and minimal odor. Unlock your creative potential and bring your visions to life with the vibrant and high-precision Phrozen Neon Resin.

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