Phrozen Protowhite Ceramic Resin 500g

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The Phrozen Ceramic White Resin is a high-quality 3D printing resin designed for use with LCD and DLP 3D printers.


Color: White

The Phrozen Ceramic White Resin is a high-quality 3D printing resin designed for use with LCD and DLP 3D printers.

[Key Features]
- Material Composition: The resin is formulated with a ceramic-like composition, providing a unique and distinctive finish to 3D printed parts.
- High Resolution: The resin is capable of producing 3D prints with excellent detail and resolution, thanks to its optimized formulation for LCD and DLP 3D printing technologies.
- Dimensional Accuracy: The Phrozen Ceramic White Resin exhibits low shrinkage and high dimensional stability, ensuring that 3D printed parts maintain their intended size and shape.
- Aesthetic Appeal: The ceramic-like finish of the 3D printed parts provides a unique and visually appealing appearance, with a matte, porcelain-like look.
- Versatility: The resin can be used with a variety of LCD and DLP 3D printers, allowing for flexibility in the choice of printing equipment.
- Ease of Use: The Phrozen Ceramic White Resin is designed to be user-friendly, with a straightforward printing process and consistent performance.

- Architectural and Design Models: Creating detailed architectural models, concept designs, and prototypes with a distinctive ceramic-like aesthetic.
- Decorative and Artistic Objects: Producing unique and visually appealing decorative items, sculptures, and other artistic pieces.
- Functional Prototypes: Developing functional prototypes and parts with high dimensional accuracy and a durable ceramic-like finish.
- Jewelry and Accessories: Crafting intricate jewelry pieces, keychains, and other small accessories with the Ceramic White Resin.
- Educational and Research Applications: Using the resin for 3D printing educational models, teaching aids, and research specimens.

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