Phrozen Wash Mega S

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Introducing the Phrozen Wash Mega S, clean large models or multiple smaller ones simultaneously with a 25L capacity. Dual-speed settings, double vortex cleaning, and wide compatibility make it your efficient cleaning solution. Experience convenience with an automatic reverse function for thorough cleaning.


Product Size: L41.2 x W26.0 x H62.5 cm
Inner Capacity: L33.0 x W19.0 x H30.0 cm
Vortex Speed: High (300 rpm), Low (275 rpm)
Cleaning Method: Dual-speed double vortex
Washing Capacity: 25L
Supported Building Plate: 15 (Mega series), 13.6 13.3 and 12.8/span
Input Voltage: AC100-2400-60Hz
Weight: 8 kg
Timer Settings: 10 min


· Washing Capacity: The washing machine has a 25L capacity, allowing you to wash large models or multiple smaller ones at once.
· Dual-Speed Settings: You can choose between high speed (300 rpm) and low speed (275 rpm) settings based on your needs.
· Built-In Side Valve: The machine has a built-in side valve for easier and safer disposal of alcohol or wastewater.
· Double Vortex and Automatic Reverse Function: It is equipped with a double vortex system and an automatic reverse function that changes the direction of the wash after 1 minute, ensuring cleaner results.
· Wide Compatibility with Additional Racks: The machine is compatible with additional racks that support various sizes of building plates, including 15 (Mega series), 13.6, 13.3, and 12.8.

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